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About UHustle

College is expensive, and students are burdened by universities’ unexpected and growing price tags. As a result, they are picking up side hustles to earn additional income. Students with side hustles (hustlers) face a handful of challenges, notably sustaining and growing their side hustles.

UHustle is an online marketplace for college students with side hustles (gig jobs). UHustle provides students exposure via a centralized, user-friendly platform that gives them the tools to run their side hustles efficiently and professionally. Students can sell products and services to people on nearby campuses and in their local community.


In her freshman year of college, Christy Felix (Founder and CEO) got the opportunity of a lifetime to go to an Ivy League university. Because she came from a low-income, single parent household she knew she would have to find a way to make money. She started a hair braiding side hustle in her dorm and was having trouble marketing and finding customers. Because she depended on her side hustle to pay for her college expenses, it was important to find a new way to market to more students. That's how the idea for UHustle formed.

Since being found in October of 2018, UHustle has launched at Georgetown University and will launch at New York University in Spring of 2023.


UHustle Venture Wins Bark Tank 
Entrepreneurship Contest - 2019

Georgetown Entrepreneurship awards $100K in prizes
at third annual Bark Tank - 2019

Christy Felix CEO uHustle and Forbes 30 Under 
30 Scholar: Her Story- 2019