Information about UHustle

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is your return, refund, or exchange policy?

UHustle sellers are considered independent sellers and they have individual return, refund, and exchange policies. If there is a dispute, UHustle will mediate and ensure both sides find a fair solution. Please carefully review each individual seller’s policy and contact the seller for further steps.

2.   What are sellers prohibited from selling?

Drugs, alcohol, items involving sex and pornography and any items not within the Terms of Use are prohibited for sale on UHustle.

3.   Who is allowed to sell on UHustle?

Only University students over the age of 13 are allowed to sell as long as they abide by the Terms of Use.

4.   Do you need to have an email ending in .edu to register as a seller?

Yes, only college students at an accredited two and four year university are allowed to create listings.

5.   Are there any fees to utilize UHustle?

All transactions invoke a 5% transaction fee from sellers and buyers. We keep the fees lows to keep your profits high.

6.   Who can request information on products/services on UHustle?

Only registered users on UHustle will be able to contact sellers if interested in a store or listing. 

7.   Can I register with a school that I do not attend? 

You may only register under the university that corresponds to your email ending in .edu.

8.    Can I sell on UHustle after I graduate from my college or university?

Unfortunately once your college email access expires, you will no longer be able to use UHustle. We will be launching a community based marketplace similar to UHustle but for non-students soon.